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Formed in 2001 by Invermere-based glider pilots, the Canadian Rockies Soaring Club is uniquely located between the Rockies on the east and the rugged Purcells to the west. Massive glaciers and towering spires, such as the famous Bugaboos, adorn our western flank throughout the summer. We are enthusiastic about soaring and flying cross country, but the excellent lift conditions and local mountain scenery can keep any pilot content for hours -- soaring with the eagles and watching the elk and sheep traverse their ancient trails, deeply etched into the mountainsides.

Whether you are a new student learning to fly or an experienced pilot looking for the challenge of lengthy cross-country flights, earning your gold and diamond badges, or setting a new Canadian record, your time at Invermere will be truly memorable.

The CRSC is closely associated with the Invermere Soaring Centre, a commercial gliding operation owned and operated by Trevor Florence. Tows are available every day of the week during the soaring season.

Club or commercial instruction from beginner to advanced cross-country is regularly available. Many of our club pilots started their flying careers by coming to Invermere for one or more weeks of concentrated soaring instruction.

For the non-pilots in your family, or for your non-flying days, the Columbia Valley is renowned for its many golf courses, hiking trails, wetland bird-watching, relaxing hot springs, lakeside activities, rafting, kayaking, and more!

We are a friendly club and we invite you to join us for an evening BBQ on the clubhouse deck. Enjoy good conversation while enjoying a view of the sun setting behind beautiful Mt. Nelson to the west. With any luck, you'll have Trevor cook your evening meal to order!

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2017 AGM April 08, 2017. 11:00 MST. CRSC Clubhouse .


Gliding operations at Invermere take place at a Commercial Airport. To avoid potential conflicts with power traffic, all glider pilots must be totally conversant with standard operating procedures at the airport. Please read the Operating Procedures Manual prepared by Invermere Soaring. It documents Airport Radio Frequency (123.2 ) and the Landing Circuit. It also explains the dimensions of the box within which gliders should remain on Airport Frequency and when it is appropriate to switch to Glider Frequency (123.4)


The sport of Soaring, like most adventure sports, involves some risk. We would like your soaring experience in the Columbia Valley to be a safe one. The most fundamental way for every glider pilot to minimize those risks is to insure that his/her flying skills are current.

At Invermere there are two additional risk factors not encountered at the majority of other gliding sites. One is the mix of gliders and power aircraft – both private and commercial. This requires that all glider pilots be totally familiar with landing procedures at the airport.

A second, and very high risk factor impacting all soaring in the Columbia Valley is that the majority of the soaring take place along the ridge line of the eastern side of the Valley where the lift is strongest. This results in a concentration of gliders in this area which in turn increases the potential for a mid-air collision.

While frequent position reports that include both distance from Invermere and elevation can reduce this risk somewhat, experience has shown that because of the limitations of our eyesight, even a vigilant lookout is not capable of detecting the extremely thin profile of an oncoming glider. The most effective means of dealing with this risk is the use of FLARMS in all gliders. All gliders owned by the Club and by Club Members are now equipped with FLARMS. Visiting pilots who do not have a FLARM installed in their glider are strongly encouraged to rent one of the spare units available from the Club. To fly without one in this area is to put oneself and all other glider pilots at risk.

Thank you, and have a safe soaring experience.!
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